How to Use Hapé

     The use of the applicators is important. The reason why we blow is because the particles in this mapacho and ash blend are too fine to ingest into our lungs with our breath. The goal is to get the medicine on top of the upper nose bridge and allow the body to absorb it. Thus it is primordial to use a blow pipe Kuripe or a Tepi.

     With that in mind, scoop half the amount you intend to use in your hand. This amount will serve your first nostril. In order to focus, take 3 deep breaths and then ask for blessings. When sharing hapé with a partner, we recommend taking 3 breaths together as a way of connecting with each other's energy before serving the medicine.

     For the first breath, hold the hapé and the blowpipe towards the earth and breathe in the blessings of Pachamama (Mother Earth). On the second breath hold the pipe towards the sky and breath in the blessings of the Creator (Father Sky). On the third deep breath, hold the air in at the maximum capacity of your lungs, and bring the pipe to your heart, praying and calling in any personal allies or guides to bless the medicine, and ask for these blessings to come from the heart.

     These three breaths signify the three worlds in Incan culture: lower, middle, and upper. Blow the hapé into your left nostril first. If blowing for someone else, tell them to hold their breath before blowing it in, and then afterwards, to breathe only from the mouth. As soon as possible, scoop the remaining hapé into the pipe and serve the right nostril. Whether you are serving or receiving, just remember that the lungs must be filled with air, then we exhale through mouth after the serving of the medicine.  

     While it differs from side to side from one tribe to another, we believe the left nostril symbolizes rebirth (what you want to call in) and the right symbolizes death (what you want to shed and let go of).  Nonetheless, what is truly important is the intention itself.

     After the application of the medicine, breathe only through the mouth while the medicine settles. We recommend sitting with it or meditating in stillness after taking hapé. Avoid blowing your nose despite the urge for 10-15 minutes to maximize the intake. We recommend wiping,  spitting out, or swallowing the back throat leaks.

     The most basic and common breath is the deer breath to use to blow the medicine. Begin by taking a deep breath in through the stomach to  connect with your power and medicine, and then blow long. At the end, blow hard while simultaneously closing your throat.  This is just the beginning of what you can learn about hapé: the real benefits come from experiencing it yourself. 

     This medicine can be a very powerful way to cleanse your body and energy, as well as connect with your spirit allies through prayer and ceremony. The real beauty of this medicine is that it can be used expertly in the hands of a master, but it is still effective when used by a beginner. Just remember to be mindful and respectful of the medicine and to pray from the heart.