Hapé as a Ritual

     Singing songs may help to deepen the effects of this medicine. Prayer is also another potent option. Most times the hapé can naturally put you into a meditative state. While at other times, it may cause intense purging and shedding. While not as common with smaller doses, it is possible to experience purging, bowel movements, shaking, or any other energetic releases. This medicine is powerful and the purging effects are signs of profound healing and release. 

     We offer a diverse selection of 16 different hapé blends from various tribes throughout the Brazilian and Peruvian Amazon. Collective Journey's hapé medicine is deeply connected to its roots. With prayer and intention, each hapé medicine is consciously created by the Indigenous families in their home village.

     Each and every hapé bottle is unique in that each carries a significant purpose, healing modality, and spiritual essence. While some hapé bottles are used for protection, others can be used specifically for cleansing or grounding. Further, some of our hapé medicines contain flowers and (or) plants that invoke more of a feminine essence, while other medicines are deeply masculine. For example, our Rose hapé, made by the Huni Kuin, and rappeh Nunu, made by the Matses tribe, are warm and nurturing. Our Mulateiro and Murici hapé, made by the Huni Kuin, carry a masculine force that invokes focus and a warrior spirit. Additionally, all of our hapés activate specific chakras, energy channels, within the physical and spiritual body. Some of our hapé may pull you deeper into the roots of the earth, while others may open up channels in the third eye or crown chakra.