Premium quality, eco-responsible handcrafted art, jewelry, rappeh (hapé) medicine, pipes and accessories

From native communities and independent creators around the world


Every piece we create contains the tender love of a hummingbird; effort, intention, and divine inspiration of the creator, adding a piece of their soul. These timeless pieces are love intensive, transcending past into the present and ascending beyond, into the future.


Remembering beauty in all forms, it develops and evolves over time, but there is an elegance we add on to beaded works and art. The word “intricate” is a term which our customers have associated with us and our work type.


Every design is one-of-a-kind, inspired by the spiritual journeys that come about from plant-based medicinal healing ceremonies. The patterns, color schemes, and designs vary dramatically from piece to piece. Each unique piece holds a rich history, full of intention and passion. They hold our collective imagination.

Fair Trade

Our journey is collective and we are aware of being that reliable bridge. We compensate our co-creators fairly. Indeed, we believe in being one, therefore we do not have any middlemen between the creation and our market. We strive to carry this equality along the path to those who will appreciate them with a smile.


Jewelry making is our collective labor of passionate love, earthship in using organic and sustainable materials. Our seed beads are made of glass so mother earth provides sand in abundance.


We value traditional and cultural symbols of each tribe we collaborate with. Remain harmonious to their distinct cultural regions. Our co-creation in most cases are the color combinations and patterns between us and the local tribes and artisans, resulting in unique pieces not found anywhere else.

Our Creations


All of our beaded work is made of premium quality, Czech and Japanese seed beads. Since the seed beads were introduced to native tribes in America by the early European settlers, they have quickly become part of the Native American cultures and have more than 250 years of history among all native indigenous people of America. However, the form and technique of art and design differ dramatically from one region to another. We embrace all these cultural differences and remain diverse and regional for each category of its product line.

Engaging with and supporting such remotely located artisans and creators composed mainly of women, is our ultimate mission in every journey we take.

Our design and curation is based on the ability of the producers of the art and the communities Collective Journey Art interacts and works with. Our approach involves several phases to come up with the best and most exclusive version of a creation that comes from the similar or the same region. These phases are discovery, establishing a reliable and sustainable connections, choices of products that are co-designed by or the pre-existing exclusive work of the independent makers.


Bracelets and anklets



Bags and Tapestries

We offer handmade and crafted leatherwork and natural and organic textile products that are hand-woven with a unique production technique by certain communities. For example, our shoulder bags made in Colombia called “mochilla wayuu” are made by a small desert community in the La Guajira region of Colombia.

Ritual Products

We currently offer different kinds of ceremonial products and rappeh applicators made of woods, stones and bones for spiritual practices.

As a licenced distributor, our ceremonial rappeh (rapé, hapé) products and applicators have already gained a strong reputation in the communities we work.

Where to Find Us

Our online store is being built with love, inspirations and patience, we are planning on launching it in late September or early October. We will establish a platform for our retail customers and a channel for  wholesale buyers separately.

Our Current Retailers

We offer our selected pieces inline with the taste and style of each partnering store that have a similar vision than ours. If you can’t make it to one of the scheduled festivals, drop by one of the following retail gift stores to try on one of our creations.

Mama Madrone’s

307 Broad St.
Nevada City, CA 95959

Go Ask Alice
Herb Shop*

1125 Pacific Ave,
Santa Cruz, CA 95060


201 Pacific Ave,
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Fair Trade

387 Laneda Ave # C
Manzanita, OR 97130

The Higher Consciousness*

1597 Haight St,
San Francisco, CA 94117

Manzanita Home and Flowers

55 N Main Street
Ashland OR 97520

The Gallery
at MT Shasta

201 N Mt Shasta Blvd # A
Mt Shasta, CA 96067

Synergy Coffee Lounge &
Elixir Bar*

2301 AZ-89A #106
Sedona, AZ 86336

Urban Mercantile

855 NW Wall Street
Bend, OR 97701

*(starred) locations offer RAPPEH (hapé) & Applicators
We offer wholesale products to selected retail stores focusing on offering unique gifts that are eco-friendly without compromising in quality or elegance. Our pop-up stores do not compete in pricing with our partnering retailers. If you own such a store and you carry similar visions to become a reseller for Collective Journey Art, please get in touch with us
 at or call us at 831-888-6410

Our New Website with an online store coming soon, Please stay tuned on our social media account.

About Us

Our Mission

To provide hand crafted and eco friendly jewelry, accessories and wearables as well as ceremonial quality ritual products to our clients in a mindful and a socially responsible way.

We aim to consciously bridge our local community with beautiful, handcrafted tribal art from indigenous communities as well as from independent artisans of Central and South America and from around the world.

Our Story

Collective Journey Arts started with one man’s journey to manifest his own destiny. Born into a small, mountainous Alevi tribe on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, Su-Ata witnessed the disappearance of his native tribe from their mountainous land through migration towards urban life.

Therefore the goal of Collective Journey is to bridge remotely located artisans, communities and creators that are not holding a privilege to access to a more lucrative market for their creations. On the other hand our local communities deserve to have the most exclusive and inclusive arts in travelling spirits where every piece tells a story.

Our Commitment

We pay the artisans who make our products a fair price, at their wish for their work. Our compensation goes to an extent to four times higher in the unit price that the creators are willing to offer to their local traders. This results in higher margins for the artisans, but because we travel far and wide to reach a discerning clientele with premium designs, we can still maintain very healthy margins for us to remain sustainable.
Through fair and direct trade, we provide direct income to families located in the mountain villages of the Lago de Atitlan region in Guatemala, the Choco and Valley of Sibundoy regions of Colombia, Otavalo of Ecuador and Sacred Valley in Peru.

Contact Us

For any questions or business inquiries, please use the form below, send us an email at, or call us at 831-888-6410.
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