Premium quality, eco-responsible handcrafted art, jewelry, hapé, pipes and accessories from native communities and independent creators around the world

Welcome to Collective Journey Art

Here is where you can find meaningful gifts and healing offerings created in form of art by people and the earth. Shop from eco-responsible handcrafted intentional art, high quality hapé medicine, unique jewelry, pipes, ritual accessories and altar pieces. All of our offerings are intentionally conceptualized to empower remotely located indigenous communities and families. We source all of our offerings in grace; that to say Heartfully, Mindfully and Soulfully from tribal villages in Central and South America.

Intention and prayer filled; our trusted Hapé

We are the medicine of our own! With that awareness, we believe all the plant medicines come to us to become a part of us and vice versa, we go to them to integrate their spirits.

We have been honored with the trust of our beloved communities since 2012 both in Canada & USA. We have learned the healing power of hapé by actually healing ourselves first with it.

First established in Santa Cruz, California officially, we have been on the roads and in the moves. Our base moved from Santa Cruz to Nevada City, California in 2021. Although we were and still partially are nomadic, we remain consistent in distributing our medicine and products. We have been introducing, representing and teaching the medicine with a great honor and respect.

Collective Journey's hapé medicine is deeply connected to its roots of the Brazilian and Peruvian Amazon. With prayer and intention of every medicine man and women, each hapé medicine is consciously created by the elders and trusted indigenous medicine families in their home village.

As per our commitment to the purpose in purity, we do not source from other providers and medicine people in our collective are not providing the same medicine to other buyers. Therefore the name of each blend represents only the lineage of that medicine.

Purity in creation and exchange also means we make a small batch in each time and when we really feel it and can be present in our divine. Our intentions and prayers come from the authenticity of their origins. We give our best like in everything else we do.

While gaining the knowledge and the importance of the healing power, we were taught by the medicine the importance of integrity in the process as well. We have been therefore active and present in our beloved communities in person periodically. Our quality and the spirits are known in the fields, community gatherings and events we have been present with our hearts, minds and souls. .

It is important to know that each and every hapé blend is unique for a specific purposes. In each blend we carry a significant purposeful discipline to address each of the energy point (chackra) in our human bodies. So we remained with what we know the best to be it fully.

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Our Vision

Much like a hummingbird, the journey we’ve embarked on embodies a sense of timelessness. We will continue creating and sourcing gifts & creations from tribal villages from across the world while making them accessible to urban communities. This meaningful journey has no end.

Our Values


Every piece we create contains the tender love of a hummingbird; effort, intention, and divine inspiration of the creator, adding a piece of our soul. These timeless pieces are love intensive, transcending past into the present and ascending beyond, into the future.


Remembering beauty in all forms, it develops and evolves over time, but there is an elegance we add from our taste on to beaded works and art. The word “intricate” is a term which our customers have associated with us and our work type.


Every design is one-of-a-kind, inspired by the spiritual journeys that come about from plant-based healing ceremonies. The patterns, color schemes, and designs vary dramatically from piece to piece. Each unique piece holds a rich history, full of passion. They hold our collective imagination and intention.

Fair Trade

The philosophy of Collective Journey is to empower people with their own talents, self-determined level of willingness & engagement to decide the value of their work and worth. We operate and perform on the basis of self-employment, and self-empowerment with the principle of social economy.


Jewelry making is our collective labor of passionate love, earth-ship in using organic and sustainable materials. Our seed beads are made of glass so mother earth provides sand in abundance. We aim to keep the wisdom of our ancestors, using every pieces leftover from human food to what the earth creates in abundance. Such as bones, shells, sand, stones & wood.


We value traditional and cultural symbols of each tribe we collaborate with. Remain harmonious to their distinct cultural regions. Our co-creation in most cases are the color combinations and patterns, new designs between us and the local tribes and artisans, resulting in unique pieces not found anywhere else. We also honor & support our elders and often older women in the communities, who are less flexible in their creation.

Our Philosophy

Community-focused - By helping artisans who are inspired to share their art with the world, we become co-creators with them and their tribes. Therefore, our presence becomes meaningful to the places and people we visit. 

Ethical Sourcing - All of our offerings are ethically and intentionally conceptualized and sourced from tribal villages in Central and South America.

Fair Trade - We believe in fairness, integrity and transparency in everything that we do.

Meaningful Connections - Create an alternative way where we are connected to our being and have a deep understanding of our roles within the fabric of humanity.