Tobacco Plant As a Healer-Medicine

     In our journey, we are reclaiming tobacco's spiritual essence and its wisdom in a mindful path to reconnect with the mother earth. Since tobacco is a very misunderstood plant in western culture, our aim is to open the gateways to bridge this plant’s ancient wisdom to the world. We bring a voice to the wisdom keepers, the healers, who continue to practice this knowledge.

     Tobacco is a sacred medicine descending from sacred soils that come from the lungs of our planet. It is not only a plant. It is a spirit. Tobacco is used as an offering for many first nation peoples of North and South America. It has also been used for blessings, prayers, rites of passage, protection, and wisdom from the earth. Our sacred mother, the source! The ancient wisdom of this plant transcends beyond recreational use. Used with intention and respect, tobacco gifts you its healing powers.

     For centuries, tobacco healers known as ‘tabaqueros’ on the Peruvian side of the Amazon, would use this plant to heal various illnesses in their communities. Not only would these healers smoke or chew tobacco, but they would also make teas. The teas were intentionally brewed to either clear intestinal parasites, to aid with constipation, to clear phlegm or congestion, and (or) to clear headaches. It is also used on the skin for cuts, stings, bites, and other wounds. Indigenous Amazonian cultures also make snuffs, which is famously known today as hapé (rappeh).