Using Hapé Ceremonially

     The depth of this medicine becomes more potent when using it with intention and (or) in a ceremonial space. The effects are incredibly profound. Since each culture has developed its own unique ritual of using hapé, there are many ways to experience this medicine. You may wish to begin by opening a sacred space in a way that is unique to you. Intention is a powerful fortress, and with that said, taking your time to focus on an intention is encouraged. Perhaps that may include more time for prayer, or singing a medicine song, or playing a ceremonial instrument prior. When you feel ready, you can put a single serving of hapé in the palm of your hand (for beginners, we recommend a pea sized amount for a  nostril). Depending on your experience level and intention, you can discern whether to use less or more. For those with more experience and (or) who need a deep cleansing, we recommend a larger amount.