How to Work With Hapé

     Since various indigenous cultures use hapé, there are many ways of working with it. As this medicine continues to spread through the west, many different practices evolve around its use. Not only can hapé be physically beneficial, but it can also benefit one’s mental psyche, emotions, spirit resetting, and (or) energetic field. hapé has the power to clear any mental static, allowing one to focus and center the mind, which helps one feel grounded. It can also open one’s physical and spiritual senses, bringing in more awareness to the self, along with cleansing and purifying your body and activation of pineal gland.

     The Amazonian tribes commonly use this medicine before, during, or after a ceremony to ground.  It can also pair well with many rituals and (or) sacred plant medicines. Traditionally it is conducted for the purpose of its own ceremony or within other ceremonies (e.g Ayahuasca or Kambo ceremonies). It can also be used recreationally or before going hunting to increase the sensation, awareness and focus. hapé is known to native tribes with no contraindication to human health other than one’s own comfort level.