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Hapé KUNTANAWA Rapé [Powerful Blend, Possible Purge, Root & Crown Chakra, INTENSE]

Hapé KUNTANAWA Rapé [Powerful Blend, Possible Purge, Root & Crown Chakra, INTENSE]

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This is a dense and deep rappeh [hapé] that connects us to the roots, the earth, the density, and the ancestors, like ayahuasca, the spirit vine. According to the Kuntanawa tribe, it is a very powerful mixture reserved for advanced scholars, with a great power of attraction (both for the positive and for the negative). Made from ashes of the bark of sapota and samauma, mapacho tobacco and the veia de pajé vine. The leaves of veia de pajé resemble a heart, which is why it is also known as the heart of the boa constrictor. The samauma is a tree seen as the mother of all trees and as the queen of the forest. Because of how tall she gets, she is the biggest of them all and gives shade to the others. 

This is a snuff that works intensely on our crown chakra, responsible for our connection with the astral plane. Because of its effect in the abdominal region, it can also act on our umbilical chakra dealing with our relationships. Prayer and intention should play an important aspect in the use of any rappeh, and in this particular one it is fundamental. It drives away the negative/unwanted and attracts the positive/desired; whoever uses it must focus and make a pure intention to achieve a desirable effect. It is recommended to find a comfortable and suitable space, free from distractions, and some time to integrate its effects. It performs a deep physical and energetic cleanse, so a purge is quite possible. In most cases, it is wise to start small and increase as you gain experience.

All of our snuff medicine is made with intentional prayers and in small batches. Most of all, a labor of love. Our containers are all the same sizes offered in small, medium and large of glass, airtight bottles. The small containers weigh between 2.3 to 3 grams* (a pea size of 15 to 20 servings). The medium weighs about a quarter of an ounce, between 7.5 to 8 grams, and the large weighs about a half of an ounce, between 13.5 to 15 grams*. 

* Each bottle is filled at the same level. The variance in weight is due to the different densities within each medicine as each ingredient influences the weight differently.

Our labor is love infused. With that, we work by hand, heart, and minds. You may also notice a difference in our labels, as we aim to make use of our previous design labels.

WARNING: This product is not a safe alternative to cigarettes.
WARNING: Smokeless tobacco is addictive.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: Contains alkaline ashes, do not ingest. 

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