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Hapé KATUKINA Rapé [Smooth, Clearing Blockages & Negative Energies, Balancing & Grounding-STRONG]

Hapé KATUKINA Rapé [Smooth, Clearing Blockages & Negative Energies, Balancing & Grounding-STRONG]

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Katukina is one of our most popular rappeh [hapé] blends among the Nukini and Kashinawa. It embodies everything that is beautiful about rappeh. It is smooth, clearing, cleansing, balancing and grounding. It aids in the de-calcification of the pineal gland and the total alignment of the body, mind, and spirit as what rappeh should do.

This sacred snuff directly comes to us from the Katukina tribe in Brazil. Katukina is perfect for clearing blockages or negative energies and is a great way to start your day in the morning. Coming from the depths of the Acre jungle, this rappeh contains the Tamainindi plant (also known as Jungle Basil), Corda and Moi Tobacco, Pao d’Arco ashes, and Tsunu tree bark. The Tamainindi plant is used to bring peace and beauty to life. It provides a strong, sharp initial hit and forces a deep throbbing calm into being. There is some drip in the throat and phlegm production and tearing are also evident. This is one for those who prefer a thicker and deeper flavor and effects.

All of our snuff medicine is made with intentional prayers and in small batches. Most of all, a labor of love. Our containers are all the same sizes offered in small, medium and large of glass, airtight bottles. The small containers weigh between 2.3 to 3 grams* (a pea size of 15 to 20 servings). The medium weighs about a quarter of an ounce, between 7.5 to 8 grams, and the large weighs about a half of an ounce, between 13.5 to 15 grams*. 

* Each bottle is filled at the same level. The variance in weight is due to the different densities within each medicine as each ingredient influences the weight differently.

Our labor is love infused. With that, we work by hand, heart, and minds. You may also notice a difference in our labels, as we aim to make use of our previous design labels.

WARNING: This product is not a safe alternative to cigarettes.
WARNING: Smokeless tobacco is addictive.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: Contains alkaline ashes, do not ingest. 

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